Aquafadas has introduced PulpMotion 1.5, the latest version of its powerful slideshow creation software for the Mac.

This version greatly improves image quality in exported movies, introduces new anti-aliasing and adds a variant of the Museum theme called RainbowMuseum. An early version of this new theme was used by Apple during the last Apple Design Awards presentation; it lets you customize the apperance of the museum (colours of all elements) and even lets you add your own texture (picture or video) on the walls.

PulpMotion gives users a simple tools for designing and sharing media montages comprosed of photos, videos and music.

The animations produced with PulpMotion can be emailed through an interactive postcard, loaded onto an iPhone, used as a personalized screensaver, exported as high quality QuickTime movies, or published to a website using iWeb.

The software costs $45.