Avanquest UK has released Punch Home Design Studio for the Mac.

Punch is a range of home-design, interior and landscaping products that have been available exclusively to the PC market until now. Home Design Studio Mac is the first Punch product for Mac OS X, and the Universal application runs natively on both Intel and PowerPC Macs.

Designs and files created in Punch Home Design Studio Mac can be shared between both Macs and PCs running Punch products.

The software helps users create professional home and garden designs fast. All Punch products use a single interface that integrates all its different tools, catering for interior design and roofing to HVAC and electrical plans. Design is 2D based, using either the editable templates or building completely from scratch. Imperial and metric measurements are supported and dimensions can be specified to exact increments. Designs are built in layers and the view can be toggled as desired.

An extensive object library includes furniture, blinds, wall hangings, garden furniture, and more. Tools to create other objects are provided, and all designes can be customised.

Home Design Studio Mac is also a full landscaping suite, with over 4,000 trees, flowers and shrubs from all over the world to recreate or design a garden. The software will even show plant growth over time and can suggest suitable things to plant depending on the local climate. The included sun and weather simulators are fully controllable and can show home and garden designs at any time of day or in any season, projecting life-like shadows and shade.

Designs can be viewed in 3D. The ClearView option provides a translucent look at walls and objects, and a topology grid for designs on uneven ground. Designs can be printed as actual floorplans for architect use.

“This isn’t just a Mac-compatible version, but a complete, standalone product that puts all of Home Design Studio’s state-of-the-art features in the hands of Mac users,” says Punch Software president Pete Pierce. “They can quickly explore an almost infinite number of ways to improve and enhance exteriors, interiors and landscapes, and then get a photo-realistic view in 3D, from virtually any angle.”

Punch Home Design Suite Mac will be available late December from major retailers (including Apple stores) and also from Avanquest. The software costs £89.99.