Quark is to introduce a new enterprise publishing solution, Quark Dynamic Publishing Solution (DPS).

This combines flexible layout with automated publishing to create and deliver communications across multiple types of media, including print, the web, mobile and electronic devices. The company is expanding into this sector in recognition of the changing needs of publishers and to maintain its desktop publishing solution, QuarkXPress.

Ray Schiavone, Quark CEO, said: "Over the past year I have visited at length with key customers across Europe, North America and Asia. These customers - some of the largest and most well-known publishers and creative groups in the world - confirmed that their publishing requirements are changing dramatically." Schiavone continued, "We are solving these challenges with Quark Dynamic Publishing Solution by helping our customers improve automation, create reusable content, and more efficiently publish to multiple channels. This is the basis of dynamic publishing, the next revolution in publishing."

Quark Dynamic Publishing Solution consists of multiple software components, including desktop tools for creating content, and server-based technology for automating publishing workflows. Based on open standards it's a complete solution and reduces the need for repetition of processes by members of the creative team - designers maintain creative freedom while automating the process of customised document production.

Quark will host a series of exclusive events to show Quark DPS in London, Frankfurt, Paris and New York.