The National Printing Skills Centre (NPSC), a leading UK print and graphics training college, has moved to XPress 7, Quark announced today.

The NPSC has been awarded the highest training accolade achievable as a Centre of Vocational Excellence (CoVE) in Print Skills. It offers a wide portfolio of training courses in digital media, multi-media, and prepress, press, and post-press to over 41,000 students each year.

XPress 7 was implemented across the entire college network at the beginning of the year and was also integrated into all of the relevant courses at both the NPSC and at its associated Leicester College.

"The NPSC aims to deliver effective training courses that are relevant to the ever-changing marketplace environment. The feedback we are getting from our students is that XPress 7 is a very positive step forward for Quark. They feel that it is easy to use and are impressed with all the new features - in particular with Job Jackets, as it makes it easier for them to work together, optimise design, and minimise production errors," said Damian Breen, education officer at Leicester College.

Ed Ewing, Quark sales director, Northern Europe, said: "The NPSC is committed to nurturing the next generation of designers and press and prepress professionals, and Quark welcomes the opportunity to support the NPSC as much as possible to achieve this goal."