Quark today introduced its latest QuarkAssurance scheme offering upgrade protection and preferential upgrade prices.

QuarkAssurance runs alongside the newly introduced Quark Volume Licensing Program (QVLP) and is designed to ensure customers are equipped with the most recent version of XPress.

Licensees qualify for upgrades and updates to QuarkXPress for a 24-month period. Licence holders receive automatic notification, and upgrades will be made available electronically.

Customers can also request validation codes and media that enable them to install any version of QuarkXPress since QuarkXPress 5 in any combination to meet their needs.

The fee for QuarkAssurance is calculated as a percentage of the prevailing suggested retail price for an upgrade, taking into account the volume discount that is part of the QVLP. Licensees will be notified 90 days before their term expires and will have the opportunity to renew. To maintain coverage, licence holders must renew every 24 months at the price in effect at the time of renewal.

To qualify for QuarkAssurance, customers must be using the latest version of QuarkXPress and must purchase QuarkAssurance at the same time as they purchase their upgrade. Customers may also purchase QuarkAssurance within 90 days of purchasing an upgrade, but at a less advantageous price.

To ensure that those customers who have already upgraded to QuarkXPress 7 do not miss out on this opportunity, current QuarkXPress 7 customers may purchase QuarkAssurance without penalty until 30 March 2007, regardless of when they purchased their upgrade to QuarkXPress 7.