Quark has launched ilovedesign.com, a community-based website for designers.

The website celebrates design and features the work of leading designers David Carson, Peter Saville, Chip Kidd, and others, offering members the chance to showcase their own work.

Like many social networking sites, ilovedesign.com allows members to create profiles for themself and to upload samples of their work. Users can also search, view, and rate designs uploaded by other members and even contact them securely. The content of the site will be largely user generated and the aim is to create a platform where designers can showcase their work, be inspired by the work of others, and discuss their love of design.

Additional features include video testimonials from influential designers including Carson, Saville, and information on how leading global brands, such as the Salvation Army, Metro International, Design Week, and many others, are using XPress 7.

"This is a very cool platform for all designers to have their work seen, as well as to discuss, debate and even rate others work," said David Carson. "I'm looking forward to seeing what goes up from around the world, as I'm sure there'll be some really interesting, fresh stuff."

The site is part of an overall campaign which comprises a design of the week competition, seminars with leading designers, a Facebook application called 'What font are you?', email marketing, and online and offline media, with all activity focusing on harnessing the creativity of today's designers. The campaign runs from 14 February to 15 June.

"We believe we have created a site that will genuinely inspire and excite designers. There are so many social sites at the moment, but none that are specifically aimed at designers and enable them to showcase their work. We don't see this as a Quark website but as a place where designers can become part of a community and which gives them a forum to share ideas, chat, comment, critique, and generally discuss what inspires them most," said Gavin Drake, Quark marketing director.