Quark has upgraded its QuarkXPress Server solution to version 7.

The software supports the creation and delivery of on-demand creative communications. It lets developers build content databases for Quark-created assets. These can be published to multiple channels.

"We are excited about QuarkXPress Server 7 because it empowers our customers to communicate and collaborate through the web to produce an outstanding product," said Nick Howard, director of enterprise products for Quark.

"Our fans will notice that we have changed the product names from Quark Dynamic Document Server to better represent the technology, which is the server edition of QuarkXPress," he added.

"Because QuarkXPress Server incorporates the new features of QuarkXPress 7, users have access to productivity-enhancing functionality such as layout independent space and Job Jackets for collaboration," the company explained.

Output enhancements for variable-data printing include PPML and optimised PDF output support. QuarkXPress Server also employs existing assets, including QuarkXPress layouts and templates.