Quark has introduced a new version of its Quark Volume Licensing Program (QVLP) into Europe.

The scheme will enable companies — whether they are small businesses or large corporations — to get the most out of their investment in Quark software by simplifying purchases and reducing costs. It offers customers a path to upgrade Quark software licences to the latest versions at the most cost-effective price, alongside additional benefits.

The volume discounts will mean lower price points for new licences and upgrades compared with the costs for purchasing multiple individual licences. There is no ongoing commitment or contract for customers choosing to join the scheme. All purchases can be tied to a single serial number and validation code.

Complimentary licence administrator software manages licences from a central location and includes tools to help track deployment and usage so that customers can avoid buying more licences than needed.

Customers can also choose to use concurrent licensing, which means that XPress can be installed on every machine in an organisation, however it may only be run concurrently based on the number of copies actually purchased. This will in many cases reduce the total cost of ownership.

To be eligible for the QVLP price discounts, customers must simply own or be purchasing more than one QuarkXPress licence. There are no other minimum purchase requirements or qualification criteria. The discount level for a particular transaction is determined by the number of current licences plus the number of licences that are being purchased.

Once in the Quark Volume Licensing Program, customers are also eligible to join the newly introduced QuarkAssurance program, qualifying them for upgrades and updates to QuarkXPress for a 24-month period.

Quark Volume licensing is available across Europe, either through Quark Resellers or from Quark Customer Service.