Quark has announced that customers who upgrade to XPress 7 will automatically be able to use XPress 6 on the same machine.

"Quite simply," Richard Pasewark, Quark senior vice president of sales (Americas) and marketing, said, "this is in response to customer feedback and is another example of how Quark has fundamentally changed its approach to doing business in the last two years."

The news follows a wave of new customer-focused strategies by the company that have been announced in recent years, including (but not confined to) free technical support, the ability to deactivate and re-activate or transfer a licence of XPress 7 from one computer to another without the help of technical support, the ability to install QuarkXPress at home and at work.

To take advantage of this version glasnost, a user must have a licence for the previous version of XPress, which must be installed on the same computer as XPress 7.