QuarkXPres 8.5 users will be able to publish QuarkXPress content to the iPad, thanks to a new service being introduced by Quark in February.

Quark's iPad Publishing service is available to all QuarkXPress 8.5 users for a small fee.

For a one-time $499 (£314) fee Quark will design a template for the iPad App including customer logos into which the customers content can be embedded. Each future issues' content will be fed into this app 'template' for $499 (£314) per issue plus a licensing fee of $349 (£219) per issue – although this licensing fee will reduce on a sliding scale, according to how many licenses a company buys up front. There are no other associated costs, or revenue share, claims Quark. (Apart from the cost associated with obtaining an Apple Developer ID).

Quark says that the new service is ideal for anyone from the individual designer to corporate publishers and book, newspaper, and magazine publishers who are interested in reaching the digital market quickly with richly-designed, interactive content at a fraction of the cost of conventional app development and publishing.

The company claims that the fee is a fraction of the cost of conventional app development and publishing.

As part of the service Quark will create the template for the app which will be configured to the customers needs and prepare it for submission to Apple's App Store.

Using the free XTensions software customers will be able to enrich their existing QuarkXPress layouts with sound, video and various other interactive features.

The existing QuarkXPress document is then converted to the format for publishing to the iPad.

Quark will manage the 'subscriptions-like' process where by each issue of the magazine or newspaper is published to users of the app.

Quark's iPad Publishing Service will be available in February and interested customers are encouraged to visit the dedicated Quark website now to complete the online information form. A Quark representative will contact customers to get started.

Quark has also announced an App Studio service for Quark Publishing System customers. A service aimed at its enterprise customers.