Quark has announced the launch of Quark Publishing System 9 , a new version of its platform for print and digital publishing.

Quark Publishing System 9 supports automated digital publishing from XML to the ePUB format, giving publishers the capability to easily reuse and repurpose digital content.

It enables publishers the ability to increase the automation of creating eBooks and multi-page documents, as well as letting you create customisable workflows for the production of media and business documents, the company said.

It fully supports QuarkXPress 9 and QuarkCopyDesk 9 and utilises a new 'Collections' feature, which are groups of related assets that can share one or more workflows, automatic routing rules, Job Jackets, users and groups, and revision settings, Quark said.

Quark Publishing System 9 also allows for multiple sections within any journal or publication to be worked on independently as a project which then can be automatically merged into one single publication.

There is also a module of Quark Publishing System 9 called Web Hub that allows external content creators and editors to work remotely on a project via a web browser.

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"Quark Publishing System has evolved to be a flexible and powerful publishing platform for all types of organisations who need to streamline their publishing processes while delivering engaging information to multiple types of media including print, Web, and digital," said PG Bartlett, senior vice president of product management for Quark.

"Our customers in financial services, manufacturing, and many other industries are choosing Quark Publishing System to create marketing collateral, technical documentation, white papers, investment research reports, and other communications."

Quark Publishing System 9 supports Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, though not Lion.