Quark has released QuarkXPress 7.2, the latest free update to its graphic design and multi-channel page layout application.

"The update provides performance improvements and addresses customer input. This important update also aligns support for recent announcements, including Windows Vista and Quark XPert Tools Pro (the most popular suite of QuarkXPress XTensions), and new language support with user interfaces in five additional languages - Czech, Greek, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), and Turkish," said Jürgen Kurz, senior vice president of Quark's desktop business unit.

"We are thrilled at the enthusiastic reception QuarkXPress 7 has received from the industry and customers alike, and we want to build on this momentum by providing customers with incremental enhancements," he added.

The update also includes improvements in Job Jackets, Flattening and within XPress' Colour Management Module.

User interface modifications in Job Jackets enable users to create new rules directly from a layout evaluation dialogue box, create and edit output specifications directly from the Output job dialogue box, and create new layout specifications directly from the layout menu.

Users can now specify resolutions for different types of objects, specifically vector graphics, drop shadows, and blends, while colour management gets a boost in the form of support for Kodak's new module which adds Black Point Compensation.

Announcing the update, the company also confirmed it continues in its commitment to customers, "this shows that Quark is actively listening to its customers and taking action," said Kurz.

A fully functional 30-day evaluation version of XPress 7, including the universal release for Intel-based Macs, is available for download.