Quark has released the QuarkXPress 7.3.1 updater, offering optimised compatibility with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard and Windows Vista support.

In developing its latest release, Quark worked closely with Apple to ensure that QuarkXPress 7.3.1 is tested and optimised to run on Mac OS X Leopard, released by Apple late last month.

"We are committed to providing our customers with increased value and functionality with regular maintenance releases of QuarkXPress 7," said Jürgen Kurz, Quark's senior vice president, product development, Quark.

"With this latest update, QuarkXPress 7 is the only creative design and page layout software on the market today that is both certified on Windows Vista as well as updated for compatibility with the recently launched Mac OS X Leopard. We also introduced enhancements that will enable designers to create materials with even greater speed and efficiency."

Additional enhancements within this release allow QuarkXPress users to:

- Correct capitalisation errors at the beginning and within a sentence;
- Find and correct duplicate words;
- Find and correct spacing errors after punctuation;
- Ignore internet and file addresses when spellchecking;
- Ignore words with numbers when spellchecking.

The QuarkXPress Passport 7.31 updater also includes:
- Spell checking and hyphenation support for Norwegian (Bokmal) and Norwegian (Nynorsk) languages.
- Spell checking in German, Reformed German, and Swiss German that finds and corrects capitalisation errors at the beginning and within a sentence.