With pre-order supplies already dwindling and sales of the device expected to hit seven figures in the first 24 hours, some would-be customers are queuing up to buy the new iPad already.

According to the Daily Mail, two young men known only as Zohaib and Ali are already outside the Apple Store in London's Regent Street waiting for the new device to go on sale on Friday.

Though they're days early, the mild weather is in their favour and the lads have apparently brought along portable chairs and bags of supplies to help them while away the time.

Pocket Lint has also been along to talk to Ali and Zohaib, who said they hadn't brought sleeping bags, but Zohaib's parents were apparently going to turn up later with them.

The Mail doesn't offer many more details about Zohaib and Ali (though does, interestingly, refer to the device incorrectly as the iPad 3 in its headline) but it is far from the first time that people have decided to get in the queue for Apple product launches early.

Rob Shoesmith camped out outside Apple's Covent Garden Store last year awaiting the launch of the iPhone 4S, even witnessing a robbery on the store in his 10-day stint.

And at last year's iPad 2 launch, Macworld spoke to a number of people who had waited in the queue outside the Regent Street store overnight .

The new iPad goes on sale on Friday and brings a Retina display with a resolution greater than the iPad 2, a new processor with quad-core graphics, an iSight 5MP camera and voice dictation. It also supports 4G networks - not that this is much good for those of us in the UK.

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