Corel is offering its Mac and PC compatible Corel Painter software for a significant saving during the month of October.

Corel Painter 11, which promises advanced digital painting and natural media tools, is currently available for £ 139, a saving on the usual £ 269 price. Existing Corel Painter users can upgrade for the same price.

Corel Painter mimics traditional painting with a vast range of creative tools for the enthusiast and professional artist. Version 11 comes with 40 new and enhanced features, including new pressure-sensitive brushes that allow hand and brush to fluidly work as one, producing brushstrokes that are unrivalled in texture and precision, Corel insists.

Enhanced brushes perform up to thirty per cent faster than in previous versions, making this the fastest, most responsive version of Painter yet adds Corel. Colour management tools have been improved, with enhanced colour recognition when importing files from other applications, and individual colour profiles per document create greater colour accuracy for each file.

A further update, earlier this year, offered improvements to transformations, colour management, copy/paste, performance, and auto-painting tools, all updates reportedly requested by many Corel Painter users.

Corel Painter 11

"The Painter community has always been instrumental in guiding our development process and we continue to look to them to understand how to make their experience even more natural and intuitive," said Rob MacDonald, Product Manager for Corel Painter said at the time.

"This update will provide users with some of the key changes and enhancements they have been requesting based on how they want to use Painter 11 within their creative workflows."

Corel Painter 11 requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later, and is Universal. PC users require Windows XP or later. Details of the Corel Painter 11 £ 139 deal can be found here.