A reminder, MacBasket has launched its latest software bundle promising ten top Mac applications for an 86 per cent saving, $371.74 worth of software for $49, around £30.

Each day MacBasket will be offering a give-away. After purchase of the bundle, buyers simply have to click the tweet button and follow @greezim.

Included in this bundle are the following software titles along with the manufacturer's description.

* Pear Note
Pear Note integrates audio, video, and slides with traditional text notes. By recording all activity, Pear Note keeps track of what's going on while taking notes as well as what the user has to say about it. This means users can play back an entire recording to recreate a meeting, or jump straight to the point in the audio they care most about.

* Dropzone
Dropzone makes it faster and easier to get things done on your Mac. Drag a file onto the dock icon and your fully customizable grid of destinations flies smoothly out using core animation. Drop the file onto a destination and Dropzone will take care of the rest. Whether you're installing an app, uploading a file to an FTP server or sharing your photos on Flickr.

* DeltaWalker
File and folder comparison and synchronisation awesomeness by Deltopia.
DeltaWalker lets you compare, edit, and merge files and synchronize folders; local and remote. It does so visually and intuitively, offering clarity, productivity, ease of use, native looks and top performance. DeltaWalker easily integrates with many SCM systems and other applications.

* Compartments
Compartments is a home inventory application that has time-saving features like Quick Add and Smart Collections, Compartments makes the process of home inventory easier than ever. And with gorgeous icons and a beautifully illustrated, intuitive interface, home inventory has never been more pleasant.

MacBasket Bundle

* Mail  Act-On
Mail Act-On is the powerful enhancement to Apple's Mail Application that puts organization at your fingertips. Use Mail Act-On to create rules to perform action on messages by responding to simple keystrokes. Mail Act-On is the indispensable tool for anyone who needs to manage their inbox more efficiently.

* DEVONnote
DEVONnote helps taking notes and keeping them organized. It keeps ideas, documents, important information, and even web browser bookmarks in one single, accessible place. DEVONnote supports the user with professional, easy-to-use features, and helps create structure out of chaos. DEVONnote is the most sophisticated notepad application for Mac OS X, and the only one featuring AI (artificial intelligence) technology.

* Speed Download
Speed Download is the ultimate download manager for Mac OS X. Version 5 combines four amazing products - a turbo-charged download manager with auto-resuming downloads, a fully featured secure FTP client, a file sharing utility with full encryption, and complete .Mac/iDisk/WEBDAV connectivity - into one small and easy to use application.

* Relationship 2
Businessmen and managers will now be in total control with this project management tool. It is packed with the most innovative solutions that integrate emails, contacts, calendar, notes and documents in one interface so that all you need to manage a project, are in one application.

* MacJournal
MacJournal is the world's most popular journaling software for the Macintosh.
Create a personal journal with two level security (password protection and encryption), record daily ideas, images, video, manage to do's and export them to multiple file formats, or generate blogs to any of the popular blogging services.

* Flash Optimizer
Flash Optimizer for Mac is a powerful, feature-rich SWF compression utility. It easily reduces SWF files size up to 80 per cent thanks to amazing algorithms of vectors, shapes, morphing, Z-buffer, fonts, and other optimizations, thus saving considerable amount of traffic and loading time.

The MacBasket November 2010 bundle is available until 14 November, 2010. More details can be found at www.macbasket.com.