1990's Rod Land by Jaleco was a fun twist on the Bubble Bobble formula. Controlling a super-cute magic-wielding fairy, players had to trap enemies with their magic and then batter them repeatedly on the floor until they expired.

Huge screen-filling boss monsters showed up every few levels, requiring players to figure out their patterns and bring them down.

Now, DotEmu has announced that it's bringing the game back to iOS devices as a universal app from September 6. The new port features a 60 level story mode, an original Survival mode, three endings and the original 90s graphics and sound. It'll also feature Facebook, OpenFeint and Game Center support for achievements and leaderboards.

Rod Land is the latest in a line of classic Jaleco arcade titles to be brought to iOS by DotEmu, following Avenging Spirit, Earth Defense Force, 64th Street and P-47 The Phantom Fighter.