All four of the UK's rugby associations have switched to Mac for performance analysis.

A case study on Apple's website explains how Macs running innovative video-based analysis software, SportsCode (Mac only), are team mates on rugby pitches these days.

The study looks at London-based rugby club the Wasps. It explains how trainers use the technology to deliver real-time and post-match analysis of player and team performance.

The report also observes that Macs running SportsCode were used across fifteen sports at the 2006 Commonwealth Games, and are attracting a growing user-base in sports across the world.

SportsCode software is Mac because "Macs handle video better and faster than any other platform," the software developer explains in the report.

The case study offers a deep look at how the combined technologies are applied, and also reveals that systems running Macs and SportsCode are now being used by the UK fire service.

You can read this report here.