RunRev began extending on Tuesday its LiveCode application development tool to Google's Android mobile platform, following by several months the 2010 release of the tool for Apple's iOS platform.

Featuring an English-like language for writing code, LiveCode enables developers to build applications from one code base that will run on different devices and platforms while taking advantage of OS-specific features of each device, RunRev said.

But developers still need separate LiveCode modules, called deployment packs, for each platform. Developers can write less code using LiveCode, said RunRev CEO Kevin Miller. "It's a very easy way for writing Android apps." Applications can be built such as business, cloud, and multimedia applications.

LiveCode is positioned as an alternative to developing with languages like Objective-C, C++, or Java. The LiveCode development environment offers a cross-platform solution for sharing code across multiple platforms. Applications are built in such a fashion that the application is always live, saving developers from having to edit and compile, Miller said.

LiveCode for Android pricing starts at $99 (£60), for developing Android applications for internal use only. In addition to a pack for iOS, LiveCode deployment packs also are available for Windows, Mac, Linux, server, and Web application development.