Runtime Revolution has released Runtime Revolution 2.8.1, the latest update to its flagship cross-platform development product.

Runtime Revolution is a cross-platform application and media project development tool that's capable of compiling solutions for Mac, Windows, Linux and Solaris systems. Developers can use the environment to develop solutions for multiple plaftorms.

Development of the new version has relied heavily on the Runtime Revolution Open Community Group, which consists of over 500 participants who took part in the six-month development and testing cycle of the release.

Major improvements include better browser and font support and the addition of a built-in engine based on the open-source SQLite database solution.

The Revolution browser object is a fully scriptable web browser (Internet Explorer on Windows; Safari on Mac OS X) for scripting anything related to the browser: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Flash and more.

Additional improvements include Windows Vista support and the introduction of private handlers, designed to protect application logic.

Revolution Enterprise 2.8.1 costs $999.