While Microsoft touts the 'anti-phishing' features in its new web browser, Apple is developing similar features for the next version of its Mac-only Safari browser.

'Phishing' is an expression used to describe a family of websites which attempt to collect the personal data of site visitors by posing as legitimate, trusted websites - imitation eBay or Amazon sites, for example.

An AppleInsider report claims that current developer-only builds of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard implement similar security protection software to Microsoft's.

It seems the technology is taking advantage of Apple's growing relationship with Google to consult the latter firm's AntiTrust database of phishing websites.

Should a user visit such a website, a warning message will appear to let them know not to trust the site.

"This webpage is fraudulent. You should close it immediately," the message warns.

The report also explains user interface changes in iCal, 3D audio cues in VoiceOver, document editing in Preview and much more.

The latest builds also includes support for Spotlight search of PDF, HTML, Web Archives, Text, QuickTime movies and sound files, the report explains.