Apple is preparing its latest update for the Safari browser it offers Mac, Windows and iPhone clients - and early reports claim the new version to be speedier than ever before.

Some reports claim the browser runs between 2-6 times faster than Firefox 3, with Computerworld claiming the new build to be 2.5 times faster than the existing version of the Apple browser.

"Holy cow is this thing fast! I am currently testing Webkit build r30090 against standard Leopard Safari 3.04. This unoptimized WebKit build version is running circles around the standard Safari browser. It isn’t even close," writes Computerworld.

With todays news of a better implementation of WebKit within Trolltech's Qt mobile applicaition development system, any improvement in the basic WebKit at Safari's heart will also impact Adobe AIR and some Nokia browsers.

Some claim the new version of the browser will soon be made available as a software update for the iPhone.