Apple's move to release a version of Safari for Windows users has done little to inflate Safari's overall marketshare.

The latest Net Applications data shows Safari took 4.56 per cent of the browser market in July, the first full month in which the new Safari 3 Public Beta was readily available.

That's up slightly on June's figures (4.49 per cent), but down on May's 4.82 per cent share.

Firefox and Opera also took a slight hit, with Firefox falling to 14.37 per cent share from 14.55 per cent in June, and Opera declining 0.02 per cent to achieve 0.89 per cent marketshare in July.

Internet Explorer has seen a slight gain on its 78.03 per cent share in April, climbing to 78.98 per cent last month, the statistics show.

Microsoft's newly-introduced Internet Explorer 7.0 now accounts for 33.15 per cent of the browser market, with Safari 3.0 so far grabbing 0.41 per cent, the statistics claim.

Safari for Windows isn't yet a complete product, despite frequent updates the software remains a public beta, with initial reactions from Windows users citing some problems using the browser.

Apple continues to address these problems in successive updates to its offering.

The final version of Safari will debut in October, the company has said.