An iPhone physics-based puzzle game designed by a 14-year-old teenager has officially bumped another iOS physics-based puzzle game created by a team of 17 developers from its number one perch.

Haven't heard of Bubble Ball? You will. It's the new 'top free' app in Apple iPhone store, besting Chillingo's popular Angry Birds.

It's about moving a small blue ball from one side of the screen to the other by navigating shrewdly crafted obstacle fields built of metal or wood.

And it was built by eighth-grader Robert Nay of Spanish Fork, Utah, using Ansca Mobile's Corona SDK (software developer's kit). No wonder Ansca's crowing about the story on their website.

In fact it was just released on December 29, and it's already been downloaded over two million times. Or one million. Reports conflict on the exact number. Either way, it's a big one, and more than enough to put the game over Angry Birds.

It sounds like Nay tried Objective-C first, decided it was overly complex and moved over to GameSalad, before settling on the Corona SDK, which let him publish the game simultaneously for iPhone and Android.

ABC's streaming the minute-40-second Good Morning America video segment here. Note to ABC News: 14 years old is teenager turf, not tween.