LaserSoft Imaging has introduced SilverFast 6.5, the latest iteration of its professional software for scanning film and images.

This latest version offers the new SilverFast Multi-Exposure feature, which boosts the quality of scans when scanning film material, such as slides.

The multiple exposure with SilverFast Multi-Exposure ensures a maximum image dynamic and significantly reduces image noise.

The developers of SilverFast 6.5 claim the software is capable of revealing, "even the finest nuances in highlights and shadows," when scanning images.

Unlike conventional multi-sampling, SilverFast Multi-Exposure scans the original image with different exposures. That way, the dynamic range of customary flatbed scanners is increased by up to seven times.

This helps the software in its attempt to capture and convert the entire contrast range of modern slide films.

“Multi-Exposure is a unique solution that even allows private users to work on a high-end level”, explains Karl-Heinz Zahorsky, founder and president of LaserSoft Imaging. “Thanks to SilverFast Multi-Exposure, common scanners can now produce high quality images that even match up to state-of-the-art drum scanners.”

An extensive list of scanners supported by SilverFast Multi-Exposure can be found on the manufacturer's website.