Freezing conditions and an unforgiving environment take their toll on anyone - even acclaimed skiing and snowboarding photographer, Richard Walch,

Walch discusses the technical challenges of working in snow-ridden environments in the most recently-added profile report on the Apple UK website.

The photographer reveals that his toolkit of choice for working on site on a mountain side consists of a MacBook Pro and a copy of Aperture.

With his work being exclusively focused on capturing live winter sporting moments, the last thing the photographer needs is equipment that can't withstand the rigours of the environment.

"I'm trying to capture the perfect moment in an image. It's a combination of a lot of things - the perfect light, the perfect snow, and the perfect trick or turn. Only when everything comes together have you got the shot."

Aperture wins praise because it enables the photographer to quickly import, edit and adjust a huge number (10GB) of images on a daily basis.

Walch accompanies the riders to their locations, often involving mammoth walks across gruelling landscape. He's a rider himself, so he needn't walk back. And that means he needs to travel light...

You can read the full report here.