BIAS has updated its industry-standard audio restoration and noise reduction plug-in, SoundSoap Pro to version 1.2.

The free update introduces native support for Intel-based Macs, and also supports Windows XP and Vista. The software is aimed at industry professionals and has won awards for its ease of use and accuracy at helping produce the best possible sounds.

SoundSoap Pro offers an integrated interface that allows the user to access any tool from within a single plug-in window. Tools include: "Hum & Rumble," "Click & Crackle," "Broadband," and "Noise Gate".

The software groups 512 noise reduction bands into 12 threshold and reduction sliders, making it faster and easier for sound engineers to achieve the sound they are looking for.

The software also features attack, release, and tilt controls, a real-time spectogram, and is designed to work with most major music software applications, including Ableton Live, Logic, Cubase and Digital Performer.