South Park character Cartman may be larger than life, but he is made on a Mac, a new Apple profile report reveals.

The hugely popular weekly South Park series is created in a hard-working studio using a few dozen Macs and a massive render farm.

The report explains the creative workflow that goes into making each episode, and looks at the company's migration from SGI workstations to Macs – and how the decision to migrate was driven by the release of Maya for the Mac.

The studio operates at breakneck speed, the report confirms, with 120-hour working weeks the norm when episodes are due. Staff have been known to work around the clock to get an episode of South Park out there.

“We have very complex stuff that needs to be done very fast and we need to know that we can trust the machines to handle whatever we throw at them without crumbling,” JJ Franzen, technical director at South Park Studios said. “That’s why we use Macs.

"With Apple and Mac OS X, in-house production could make the transition easily.”