If you are a database administrator (DBA) you could be in with a chance of winning a seat on the first commercial flight into space.

Red Gate, a UK company that makes tools to help SQL Server, .NET, and Oracle professionals do their job, is promising to send one lucky database administrator into space on the first commercial flight with Space Adventures Ltd. Places on the suborbital space flights run by Space Adventures start at $110,000 (around £62,300).

If you aren't a database administrator make sure that you let the database administrator in your life know about this amazing opportunity, "because they're the most important people you've never heard of," says Red Gate.

And if you are a database administrator with a hankering to blast off into space, then complete Red Gate's video quiz and apply for your chance to win.

A series of episodes will air on Red Gate's website, with each one offering you a question and multiple-choice answers. After answering the first question you must register so that you can see the next question and enter the competition. If you are one of the 15 finalists you will need to canvas for votes, the DBA with the most votes wins that flight into space.

To win the trip into space, you need to administrate databases as part of your current (or most recent) job, but Red Gate says it's not fussed about your actual job title. If you're a finalist Red Gate will just need to confirm that you work with databases.

If you are wondering what a Database Administrator does, Red Gate says: "The world is not kept spinning on its course by politicians or financiers. It's the humble DBA who makes it happen – the Master of Data who enables medical records to be summoned in the blink of an eye, keeps transport running smoothly, manages the data beneath the electrical grid for billions of people and provides instant access to news, music, phone calls, money and an endless supply of entertainment."

As well as being a DBA you'll need to be in good health (after all you'll be shooting into space). The competition is open to database administrators in the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Australia and Germany (Excluding Tennessee, Wyoming, Northern Ireland, and Quebec, for legal reasons.)

Aside from the space trip, there's a discount on Red Gate tools available for anyone who enters, rewards for the finalists, and a free eBook for everyone who takes part in the voting.