Sun has added some of its engineering muscle to help develop a Mac native version of OpenOffice, as development of the software has slowed.

Plans to introduce a Mac native version of the Microsoft Office-competing software aren't new, of course. The intention to make a true Mac OS X version of the software has often been made.

Development – which had stuck on an X11 port – seems set to ramp up a gear, now Sun has put two of its engineers onto working full time on creating the application.

A note on the Sun website confirms the plan: "I'm excited to let you all know that as of now Sun engineering will add its support to the ongoing Mac/Aqua porting effort."

The post explains that the company has made the decision to lend its support to the project because of the increasing use of Macs.

It won't be a swift process – the lead developer warns that he has little experience of Mac OS X.