Mark/Space has announced SyncTogether 1.0, software which synchronises multiple Macs without using .Mac or a server.

A licence to run the software on three separate Macs costs $49.95. It can sync Address Book contacts, iCal tasks and events, Safari bookmarks, Apple Mail settings and filters.

A peer-to-peer application, SyncTogether also works with Entourage 2004, Mark/Space Notebook, Yojimbo and other applications that support Mac OS X 10.4's Sync Services. Bonjour is also supported in this release. SyncTogether can synchronise information between multiple accounts on the same Mac.

Users can choose which Address Book groups and iCal calendars to sync. Collaboration gets a boost as users can enable others to update contact information and add agenda items and schedules to the iCal calendar.

SyncTogether 1.0 requires Mac OS X v10.4.8 or later.