Synchronize! Pro 6.0 is available now, the latest iteration of the Mac OS X backup and file synchronization utility.

Synchronize! Pro software lets users create bootable backups of OS X volumes and also tracks changes to files and data on the Mac for backup and synchrinization.

The software is specifically engineered for OS X, making bootable backups of an OS X system to another internal or external hard disk. Files are copied at the maximum speed possible, old files can be saved in an archive instead of being deleted, and backups can be automated.

The new version offers three additional features:

The new "Fast scan" feature uses Leopard's FSEvents technology to dramatically speed up the time it takes to update a backup. The folder scan time for a typical update to a "Bootable System Backup" of Leopard is under a minute, compared to over ten minutes without "Fast scan".

"Folder watching," - this feature means that changes to the contents of a folder will trigger a backup. Two different folders on directly-mounted disks (remote disks don't allow this) can be monitored, and a backup or synchronization can be started when changes occur to the contents of the folders.

"Backup monitoring" offers a web-based interface for monitoring backups. Emails can be sent when a backup happens, doesn't happen, has errors, or is missed. The status of backups made over the last 30 days can be examined using any web browser, including the log information for each backup.

Synchronize! Pro X runs natively on Intel Macs. Bootable backups can be made to both FireWire and USB 2.0 external hard drives. Intel Macs will boot from backups on either type of drive, while PPC Macs will not boot from USB drives

More information and a free demo of the $99.95 software is available from the manufacturer's website.