TheMacBundles has released its September Mega Bundle of 15 titles, announced 2 Weekly Specials, and added over a dozen titles to its Build Your Own Bundle stores.

The bundles promise users with the same software, support, licenses, and upgrade benefits that apply to users who paid the full retail price for the software.

The new Weekly Specials provide VMware's Fusion and InfoLogic's MathMagic. while ordering MathMagic with a bundle further reduces the price further.

The 15 programs included in this bundle assist users when using their iPhones, iPods, Macs, Apple TV, iPhoto, iTunes, and other popular Apple products:

* A-Dock X - brings a customisable secondary Dock to users' screens.

* CallItADay - is an easy-to-use diary program that supports image, sound, and movie files.

* Compress Files - is an easy-to-use tool for compressing, archiving, and encrypting files.

* Divvy - allows users to quickly and efficiently "divvy up" their screens into exact portions.

* DuplicateAnnihilator - takes on what otherwise would be a time consuming task of comparing the images in users' iPhoto libraries.

* File Juicer - is the Swiss Army Knife of data-recovery/extraction tools.

* maComfort - brings Mac hotkeys and great Mac features like Quicklook, Spaces, and Active Corners to users of Boot Camp, Fusion, Parallels Desktop, and Windows.

* MoofMenu - a little gem that helps to unclutter users' Docks.

* MyTunesRSS - is a private music and video server that lets users access their multimedia collections via a web interface in any browser from anywhere in the world.

* OmniGrowl - is the ultimate notification tool!

* Print It! - instantly makes virtually everything on a user's screen selectable, savable, and printable.

* Prospects - is a powerful personal finance package for viewing, budgeting, and organizing users' finances.

* Slink - is the easy and secure way for users to remotely connect to their home network.

* Super Flexible File Synchronizer Pro - allows users to backup their data and synchronise PCs, Macs, servers, notebooks, and online storage space.

* WhatSize - allows users to safely manage their Mac's disk space.

The September Mega Bundle costs $49.95, around £32, which the bundle makers insists represents a saving of over 85 per cent off the $340 retail price.

Many of the 15 titles in the September Mega Bundle also are available in the new customised BYOB stores, which includes dozens of additional titles to choose from, starting at $29.75, around £19.

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