The flagship programs of Adobe and the former Macromedia aren’t the only products to gain enhancements in CS3. Bridge, the unifying media hub of the suite, now has greater powers and integration with the programs in both Design and Web software.

Here we look at three new features in Adobe Bridge.

1) Bridge improvements

Bridge CS3 provides several enhancements that let you compare images side by side or examine images up close, such as the Enhanced Preview panel and the new Loupe tool.

Adobe Bridge

2) Import options

Bridge allows you to import images straight from a camera, then organise, rename, and apply metadata to them on the fly.

Adobe Bridge

3) Device Central

Adobe Device Central CS3 allows accurate simulation and final testing of mobile and device-ready media from Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver or Illustrator, before transfer to your physical target device.

Adobe Device Central

We take a look at all the features in the long-awaited combined offering of Adobe and Macromedia design and web products in our Adobe Creative Suite 3 feature in the May edition of Macworld, on sale Thursday 29 March.