Veteran UK software developer JPY is 25 years old this week.

The company recently introduced its Mail Robot X (MRX) email management system, which is winning corporate sales in the US as it helps companies comply with the Sarbanes Oxley Act in terms of email archiving and management.

Company boss Dr John Yardley said: "The last quarter century has seen many changes in enterprise computing, and we're still committed to solving the problems that inevitably evolve from these new technologies. Email was once though of as a great time saver, but it's getting to be the opposite now. MRX seeks to re-establish email as a business tool that actually boosts productivity."

To mark its 25th birthday, JPY is giving away five iPod shuffles to people who answer a short online survey of email usage patterns. The survey is aimed at anybody that uses email at work, and the results will be published in the next JPY newsletter.