Unity Technologies has introduced Unity 2.0, the latest major update to its game creation application.

The update includes over 50 new features and a variety of other updates. For games developers, the advantage of Unity 2.0 is its support for a wide range of platforms, including Mac and Windows.

The user interface has been completely revised to make it more intuitive and clearer to use. Inherent underlying code has also been adjusted to boost game performance and development speeds.

New features include the Terrain Rendering Engine, OpenGL and DirectX support, built-in Networked Multiplayer Support, Web Player Streaming and improved Web Player compression.

Developers can also use a new companion product, the Unity Asset Server, which allows teams of developers to easily stay in sync and provide project source control capabilities.

The software implements its own shader and physics systems, supports the addition of shadows and lights to projects and carries a large library of different natural terrain designs developers can simply pop into their applications.

A 30-day trial version of the improved software is available. The Indie version costs $200, while the Pro edition, which carries extra features for professional developers, will set you back $1,500.