Inventive has releases iClip 4 for Mac OS X.

The latest version of the company's popular clipboard and scrapbook software, iClip 4 has been given a new and intuitive user interface alongsode performance enhancements to make the software equally at home on PowerPC and Intel-based Macs.

"iClip 4 has been a long time coming and we're extremely happy to finally have released it. The user feedback while it was in private beta has been overwhelmingly positive and expecting it to be very widely adopted now that we've released it into the wild," said John Casasanta, president of Inventive.

iClip users can automatically keep a history of their Clipboard so that they can copy multiple times before having to paste. iClip also lets users arrange their clips into groups so that they can keep frequently used text, pictures, web addresses, and so on. The software costs $29.