After a month-long delay, Apple finally released iTunes 11 on Thursday, and despite the company taking "a little extra time to get it right," users have been reporting several bugs in the redesigned media player software already.

TAUW's Erica Sadun reports that she was directed to "page not found" on Apple's website when she clicked on the iTunes Tutorials button to watch one of the new video overviews. We were redirected to Apple's ordinary iTunes page.

Other bugs also noted in the report include problems with showing and hiding sidebars and toggling between genres, an issue that causes all content to show up as "new" and "unwatched," strange behaviour occurring on a dual screen Windows 7 PC, some peculiar graphical glitches, and more.

Have you spotted any iTunes 11 bugs yet? If you do come across any, you can inform Apple about it through the iTunes Feedback form so that the company can get to work fixing them.

To find out more about iTunes 11, which has a completely redesigned interface and new iCloud sharing features, check out our review here.

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