Game publisher Virtual Programming (VP) has revealed a new website, and confirmed a collection of new games the company is working on – everything from casino games to action titles.

Collaborating with casino game developer PhantomEFX, Virtual Programming is offering Reel Deal Casino High Roller and Reel Deal Slots – Mystic Forest, two new casino-style games for the Mac, playable online via a new server.

Europa Universalis III is coming in the second quarter; that's the latest collaboration between Paradox Interactive and Virtual Programming, and it's a new turn-based strategy game that brings players back to the year 1453, as they lead European imperial expansion and exploration straight up to the late 18th century. The game features historical leaders and monarchs, 100 individual unit troops, cooperative multiplayer mode and customizable game parameters.

Championship Manager 2007 is the latest edition of the soccer management game better known as "Champ Man;" new features in tis release include the "ProZone," used for match analysis; player data update; an overhauled front end interface; team talks; speed navigation; overhauled player interactions; improved contract negotation and more.

X3: Reunion is the latest in the series of space-based action adventure games in which you captain a spaceship on your way to fame and glory. You start out with a small vessel hauling cargo and eventually work your way up; you can use your trading and diplomacy skills or go straight for the jugular and become a pirate or a warlord.

X3: Reunion marks VP's first collaboration with TransGaming Technologies, developers of the "Cider" virtualization software that enables Windows games to run on Intel-based Mac. Cider has already been used to bring Heroes of Might and Magic V to the Mac (from Freeverse Software) and Myst Online: Uru Live (from GameTap). It's also being used by massively multiplayer online game maker CCP to bring its EVE Online game to the Mac.

VP and TransGaming anticipate a May release for this game.