Apple has unleashed three new 'Get A Mac' ads in the US, Choose Vista, Genius and Party Is Over.

The three ads once again cast an amused but critical eye at some of the differences between Mac and Windows systems, with the Vista OS coming in for a particular drubbing.

The Party Is Over sees a somewhat bitter PC complain about the release of Microsoft's new Vista OS, setting the chat in a scene that shows the tail-end of the Vista release party.

"I've had to get a new graphics card, new memory and some of my peripherals have stopped working," complains PC.

The Vista focus continues in the next ad, Choose Vista. Here PC is standing by a huge tombola wheel. He's trying to figure out which version of Microsoft's OS he needs.

"Vista comes in six versions and I don't know which one I need. I could pay too much and get more than I need, or pay too little and get a system which doesn't do much at all," says PC.

"Macs all ship with one system that offers you everything you need," the Mac character replies.

The final ad, Genius, sees Mac introduce a Mac Genius from an Apple store. PC tries – and fails – to catch the genius out.

You can watch the new ads online here.