VMware will today release the latest beta version of its desktop virtualization software for the Mac, VMware Fusion.  

VMware Fusion allows Mac users to run any PC application on their Intel-based Mac. It employs a Cocoa-native user interface designed to running Windows or other x86 operating systems alongside Mac OS X "simple and painless", according to the company.
The latest version – VMware Fusion Beta 3 – includes reliability and ease-of-use improvements. It also offers improved performance and allows users to switch off its debugging mode for even better performance.

VMWare has also instituted Boot Camp support in this release, allowing users to run Windows XP (from the Boot Camp partition) alongside Mac OS X (from the Mac partition).

Installation has been improved with an easy set-up process, while virtual machines are now gathered within a single, easy-to-manage bundle which can be moved to external hard drives of another Mac by simply copying the file.

European and Japanese Apple keyboards now work properly in virtual machines, the release notes explain.