VVI has introduced Vvidget 10.5.0, the first 64-bit graphing application for Mac OS X.

The powerful graphinc application is most used in the education and scientific sectors, where the developer's move to introduce a 64-bit version of the tool is likely to see a welcome.

Vvidget has been used for years by Mac independent software vendors, corporate developers and technical professionals

The developer notes: "Few people actually need a 64-bit graphing application, but for those that do (or for those that simply have the appetite for power!) the first 64-bit graphing app has been born and delivered."

The application also uses the latest hardware-accelerated graphics techniques for the fastest graphing possible and is capable of accessing many forms of database for number-crunching information.

Also available, Vvidget Server is a graphing server capable of responding to vast amounts of requests with asynchronous processing to exploit multi-core computers and up to terabytes worth of state information.

Vvidget Pro includes frameworks for 64-bit and 32-bit PowerPC and Intel architectures.

Vvidget Builder is free. To automate graphs for desktop applications and dashboard widgets, Vvidget Code for commercial use costs $189, while educational users must pay $79.