Wacom has released the Intuos5, the next generation of its graphics tablets, which feature iPad-style multi-touch functionality and an optional wireless adapter.

Wacom has redesigned its Intuos4 range to create the Intuos5 – aiming to make it more ergonomic, slimmer and better looking. It has a matte-black, soft-touch finish and illuminated accents that Wacom says reflects "a modern and durable design."

There are four models in the Intuos5 range: three Intuos5 touch models across different sizes – Small (£167), Medium (£275), Large (£358) – and a pen-only Medium model for £225 (all prices exclude VAT).

The addition of multi-touch to the Intuos5 provides a additionsal input method to the pen that aims to be natural to use in the creative process. Supported gestures include zoom, scroll, pan and the ability to rotate digital content. Standard Windows and Mac controls can be accessed by gestures, and customisable gestures can be created in supporting applications, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, QuarkXPress, Maya, 3DS Max, Nuke and many more.

As with the Intuos customisable ExpressKeys (six on small size and eight on both medium and large sizes) and one Touch Ring (below), with four-function toggle. These features allow users to place commonly used shortcuts and modifiers right at their fingertips. The ambidextrous design allows right-handed and left-handed users to simply rotate the tablet 180 degrees for easy access to the ExpressKeys and Touch Ring.

Wacom's software for the Intuos5 introduces Express View, a new Heads-Up Display (HUD) feature that displays the current settings on the computer screen.

The Intuos5 Grip Pen offers the same 2,048 levels of pen pressure and up to 60 degrees of pen tilt as the Intuos4.

All sizes of Intuos5 can be converted to a wireless tablet by installing the £29-plus-VAT Wireless Accessory kit (below). This includes a rechargeable battery that charges through USB, a RF module that plugs into the tablet and a receiver that plugs into a USB port on the computer.

Here's Wacom's promo video: