Wacom has launched two new Cintiq interactive pen displays, the Cintiq 24HD touch and Cintiq 22HD - which join the already-available Cintiq 24HD.

The new Cintiq 24HD touch combines iPad-style multi-touch with Wacom's pressure-sensitive pen technology.

Support for the Cintiq's multi-touch is available in the new Corel Painter 12.2 update. In other applications - such as Adobe's Creative Suite 6, including Photoshop CS6 - touch-based gestural commands can trigger shortcuts but not the advanced functionality available in Corel Painter 12.2 (unless Adobe build in support in future updates). Wacom says the Cintiq 24HD touch will support the multi-touch gestures built into Windows 8.

The Cintiq 24HD touch has an RGB LED backlit panel that can display up to 1.07 billion colours, covering 97 percent of the Adobe colour gamut. To help ensure colour accuracy, Wacom will be offering tailored colour calibration hardware and software based around that offered with NEC's SpectraView line of monitors.

As with the Cintiq 24HD, the Cintiq 24HD touch has a counter-weighted stand that adjusts to the user's favorite positions for maximum comfort. For example, they can bring the display surface over the edge of the desk so that it rests comfortably just above the lap. The display can also be adjusted to more vertical, easel-like positions.

Frequently used shortcut commands are available at the user's fingertips through the application-specific, customisable ExpressKeys and Touch Rings of the Cintiq 24HD touch.

Cintiqs of all shapes and sizes

The Cintiq 22HD has a 22-inch panel with a white LED backlight capable of displaying 72% of RGB, with a widescreen resolution of 1,920 x 1,080. It replaces the Cintiq 21UX, which had a 4:3 aspect ratio.

Wacom says the 22HD offers other improvements over the 21UX, including larger ExpressKeys (above), a USB port for connecting devices such as cailbration devices and standardised cables.The Cintiq 22HD costs £1333 plus VAT and will ship on July 10. The Cintiq 24HD touch costs £2,499.99 plus VAT, and is expected to ship in August - though Wacom says that the price may come down if it sells well. All prices are including VAT.

The non-multitouch Cintiq 24HD is still available, as is the 12-inch Cintiq 12UX.