Wacom has introduced the Intuos3 Special Edition to mark its 25 years in the business.

The professional graphics tablet is available in the popular sizes A5 Wide and A4. This model distinguishes itself from other Intuos3 models with its black finish and matching input devices including a special edition Intuos3 Airbrush.

The Intuos3 Airbrush is the most popular accessory in the Intuos3 series. With its innovative finger wheel, it complements the Intuos3 Grip Pen. The finger wheel can be set to one of up to 1,024 different steps enabling the precise control of the quantity of digital colour or the strength of a digital effect and when not in action, the finger wheel remains in its last used setting. It is pressure and tilt sensitive.

Otherwise, the Intuos3 Special Edition offers the same features as the rest of the Intuos3 family. These include eight programmable ExpressKeys, pre-configured with frequently used modifier keys, and two Touch Strips that act like a scroll bar to allow zooming and scrolling in various applications. The Grip pen tip and eraser offers 5,080 dpi resolution and 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity.

Each pen tablet is able to recognise the tilt angle of a Grip Pen of up to 60 degrees and all input devices offer Tool ID, where in supported applications, the tablet automatically recognises the relevant tool with its individual settings when the device is brought into contact with the tablet.

Intuos3 Special Edition ships with Corel Painter Essentials, which completely supports the Intuos3 Airbrush with a set of corresponding tools. The Intuos3 Airbrush is also supported by a number of applications such as Adobe Photoshop (version 7 and higher) and Corel Painter.

Wacom has also integrated new features in the driver for all its professional products, including a display toggle and pan/scroll controls.

The Display Toggle function lets users work with multiple monitors, while the pan/scroll control lets users drag any document or image on the screen in any direction.

The Intuos3 Special Edition tablets are available immediately from Computers Unlimited priced at £304.99 (including VAT) for the Intuos3 Special Edition A5 Wide and £379.99 for the Intuos3 Special Edition A4 size. The products carry a two years warranty.