Mountain Lion landed yesterday and with it come the first of the updates to make current software compatible with the new operating system or take advantage of it’s features, these include offerings from Parallels, AJA and Blackmagic Design. We'll add details of more application updates as they come in. 

Of course, Apple has already updated iWork, iPhoto, to make them Mountain Lion ready

Users of Parallels Desktop, Windows apps for Mac, simply need to Check for Updates and then ensure that they have the latest build installed. Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac (version 7.0.15104.778994), released on 10 July, is ready to support Mountain Lion and means users can use the latest operating system and Mac apps as well as meanwhile using Windows apps. Users need to have downloaded Parallels Desktop 7 before they upgrade to OS X Mountain Lion. To download a free trial of Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac for free go to.

AJA’s v10.3.2 software, available for the latest KONA, Io XT and Io Express products, is now compatible with both Lion and Mountain Lion.

The new Mac operating system’s most notable new feature is Gatekeeper, providing protection for the user’s computer from malicious software, as AJA (a manufacturer of digital video interface, conversion and desktop solutions) is one of Apple’s ‘identified developers’, that means that the company’s software can be downloaded with minimal effort using the default settings already in place on Gatekeeper, without having to compromise on security by making any changes to the settings.

For all current customers of KONA LHe Plus, KONA 3, KONA 3G, Io XT and Io Express, the v10.3.2 software can be downloaded for free online here.

Another update prompted by the unveiling of Mountain Lion is across all Blackmagic Design products and allows them to fully support the latest operating system. Again, these updates include support for Apple’s new Gatekeeper anti malware security protection, as Blackmagic Design is an Apple Identified developer.

Blackmagic Design creates video editing software and converters as well as digital cameras. The Blackmagic software is also available to current customers of any of their products as a free download from their web support page. If you haven’t got Mountain Lion yet then why not see if you’re eligible for a free copy?