D&AD has awarded worldwide web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee with the President’s Award for outstanding contribution to creativity. 

The annual honour was granted at the D&AD Global Awards Ceremony in London last night.

Announcing the award, D&AD president Tony Davidson said: “HTML, URL, HTTP - all these things that people around the world take for granted are down to Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

"He had the vision to create a network that allows people to share knowledge freely across the internet. The amazing thing is that he told everyone how to use it for free by - you guessed it - posting it on the internet. Thanks to his innovation, designers have taken the web to whole new levels of creativity, resulting in two D&AD Black Pencil-awarded websites in two years.”

“Think back ten years and you realise how much the web’s changed our lives.  We bid for products on eBay, communicate with Skype and Facebook, and discover new music that has never been played over the airwaves.  We share files, photos and advice with people we’ll never meet and create whole other worlds for ourselves in Second Life - and this is only the beginning of the web’s potential.  We owe the very shape of our lives today to Sir Tim.”