UK Supermarket giant Tesco has produced an astonishing number of adverts for this Christmas, and is looking to blitz consumers over the holiday period.

Each video features a famous pop track (none of which are traditional Christmas tracks) and are bound to promote interest in the music amongst people who don't normally like music.

We're sure thousands of people will be watching these ads, and wondering which tracks are used for each advert. Well the website has you covered, with YouTube links to every Tesco advert, and both iTunes and Amazon links to purchase the tracks for yourself.

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Tracks include non-Xmassy hits such as: Kaiser Chiefs - I Predict a Riot, Faithless - Insomnia, and T-Rex - Get it On. The tracks are used to accompany short ads showing typical modern Christmassy scenes from everyday families, shot in the shaky-cam style so favoured by documentaries and shows pretending to be documentaries (like The Office).

We're sure, knowing Tesco, that a compilation album will be on the way if the advertising campaign is a success. 

Click here to view the complete list of Tesco Ad Music on TVAdLand with iTunes Links.