XChange International has is distributing seven new XTensions as Universal Binary software for XPress 7.1.

The XTensions, which are distributed by the company, are available immediately for sale online and will function natively on both PowerPC and Intel-based Macs. They include: Bookletizer; Art Gallery XT; Crops XT; FlexScale; Resize XT; Nametag and GridMaster.

Bookletizer converts documents from reader's spreads to printer's spreads using new menu commands in the host application. The software offers gutter ('creep') controls to ensure consistency across pages, and also allows you to return the document between the two formats at will.

Art Gallery XT creates grid based galleries from folders of images with a few commands. Images can be imported and captions added into a document. Captions can include image name, dimensions and more, and can be fitted to Style Sheets.

Crops XT creates crop and registration marks, as well as colour and grey bars, around any selected object or group within a document page, the software is ideal for small print jobs, such as business cards.

FlexScale lets users scale a document as it is output to a printer or other device. The vertical and horizontal scaling percentages are independent of each other so that a document may be scaled vertically and/or horizontally.

Resize XT lets users select a group of page elements and scale them to a specified percentage, just as they would in an illustration program. Users can scale proportionally or non-proportionally. Graphics, font sizes, text indents, border widths and line thickness' scale automatically along with the selected text and graphic boxes.

The Nametag XTension automatically labels all of the placed graphics in a QuarkXPress document. This makes it easy to identify which graphic files are used in any area of a document. The labels are placed in QuarkXPress text boxes on, above or below the graphics in the document. The labels can be manually deleted before the document is printed, or automatically removed.

GridMaster helps create grids of text or graphic boxes in your QuarkXPress documents.