A powerful and secure virtual private network solution for businesses with Macs has been announced by Billion Electric Co.

Billion Electric today announced two fully Mac-compatible SSL VPN Security Appliances with integrated router and firewall functions, the BiGuard S5 and BiGuard S10.

The products are all-in-one security gateways with SSL VPN, designed for small and medium business users seeking secure, cost-effective and clientless remote access to the corporate network. The beauty of the products is their relative low cost in contrast to more expensive solutions for larger enterprises.

When set up in the office, the two solutions mean remote users can share and access files from outside of the office just as if they are on the network.

Users simply need to launch their web browser, enter their authorisation codes and their office network becomes accessible through a secure tunnel. The built-in security software can even check a user's MAC address, IP address and hostname to ensure only authorised people can gain access.

Billion Electric claims its solutions are easy to set up and manage, saying: "There is no need for dedicated IT personnel."

Edward Kung, managing director of Billion in UK says: “We’ve developed our SSL VPN systems to work seamlessly with the Mac OS. Ideal for the significant number of Mac users who work in small businesses, this SSL VPN device is important for their network security.”
The Billion BiGuard S5 offers an all-in-one security gateway for small business seeking secure, cost-effective and clientless remote access to the business network. It costs just £169 (excluding VAT) and supports up to five concurrent SSL VPN sessions. The BiGuard S10 (£229 excluding VAT) supports up to ten concurrent sessions.